Genealogy of an italian family since 1350

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The Crosta from Lake Como

I had the good fortune of meeting my grandfather, Dr. Lorenzo Crosta, a man of great intelligence and humanity, and, of inheriting his love for family history, for various documents such as the genealogical tree, for coats of arms and general information.

On meeting my distant cousin Father Flavio Crosta, the idea came about of verifying this information and amplifying it so that we could put this together with my grandfather's research.

All the information, news and curiosities that have come to be, with the technical help of my cousin, Dott. Valerio Crosta, is published on the Crosta Family website.

The idea is to produce another published testimony of the family by updating information from more the 600 years, thanks to contemporary means, and, to give other relations the possibility of discovering more about their origins, linking their genealogy to ours.


History, genealogy, family crest, titles, family alliances here reported only concern the members of the Crosta family from the lake Como, or those who may join unequivocally their pedigree to our.

There is no documentation of relationship between us and other Crosta located in different areas of Italy or world, for this reason we distrust from claim relations, using information or arm untill you have shown a real consanguinity.

Homonymy doesn’t mean family link, and our history is not the same of families with the same surname.

Anyone who might be interested in proving a common origin or ancestor through a genealogical research or a genetic test, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Arch. Andrea Crosta di Moncalvo