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Albini Riccioli Family

Noble family from Urbino and Marche region, that origins from the wedding of an Albini and a woman from the family Riccioli. Very beautiful the family palace in Saludecio, from 16 th century. The family still exists in Pesaro

Bassi di Mandello Family

The Bassi are well known in Mandello since 1330, and they have always been members of the official local Aristocracy, land owners and important figures of the village.
From Mandello they moved to Bellagio and in the second half of 1700 to Delebio, in Valtellina, where they became famous business-men, traders and professionals.
They got related to important noble families as Quadrio, Piani and Sertoli, Gavazzeni, Simonetta and with the Guglielmi from Milano.
A Bassi was archpriest in Mandello and Ercole, in 1900, was vice president of the Milanese Court .

Bregazzi Family

Family that originated from the northern part of the Lake Come, extremely wide in all Europe and rest of world, also known as Birigazzi or Bergazzi. Still existing in England, Germany, United States and Australia.

Carizzoni da Somana Family

Ancient family from Veneto region. They say they were coming from Aquileia , where they were notaries and traders. The coat of arms shows two guys and it comes from the word “cari zoni”, that in Veneto dialect means “dear guys”. They settled in the village of Somana di Mandello and from here comes their predicate, were they were land owners.
They gave important persons to the village of Mandello

Castelli Family

The aristocratic Family of Castelli di Menaggio is a very important and old one among those of the Como Lake .
They appear in the local history at the beginning of the 1200, and moved from Menaggio to Bellagio, and from there to Sondrio and rest of Valtellina

Cetta Family

The family comes originally comes from Laglio and it was well known already at the beginning of 1400.
Ambrogio was consul of the village.
They moved to Como , Modena and Napoli .
A branch went top England and Germany , where they obtained the title of Bohemian knighthood in 1703 and of Barons in Bavaria in 1812 with the predicate “de krausdorf”.
A branch was also living in Milano where they become related to the Serbelloni family.


Cicala Family
Ancient and Noble Comasca family. This family gave four decurions to the town of Como: Peter Paul (1427) Nicolo' (1514) Francisco (1519) and Giò Antonio (1531)
Curti Pettarda Family

We are talking about the noble Family Curti di Gravedona, well known since 1100 with Bene e Buiniolo, both consuls of the Community.
Ser Alberto son of Anrico was notary in 1265, as many others members of the family in the next centuries.
They were very prolific, and to distinguish in the different branches they added different second surnames: one of this branches, the Curti Gialdino, moved to Sicily and obtained the title of barons.
Our branch, the Curti Pettarda, was officially recognized nobel in 1787, with Gerolamo and Luigi, descending from Gio Andrea, that was state dues mayor of the three parishes of northern Como lake in 1564, 1574 and 1575.
The son of Luigi Curti Pettarda married Caterina Melzi d'Eril.
Other branches were the Curti Maghini and the Curti da Basso

Della Pernice di Bellano Family

Ancient noble family from Bellano. In 1505 Ser Agostino son of Ser Antonio was beneficed of the Samolaco churches.

Della Torre di Rezzonico Family

Originally coming from Como we have news about the members of this very important and noble family since 1247, when Lanfranco, Galeazzo and Scarico, sons of Martino, inherited the feud of Cremia from their father.
The noble family branched out from Como to Milano, Parma , Genova and Venice , where they became Barons of S.R.I in 1669 and gave to the roman church Pope Clemente XIII.
That branch ended in the Widmann family, still existing with the last name Widmann Foscari Rezzonico.
Several important families come from the Rezzonico, as the Torriani of the famous Napo.
In Como they were consuls, decurions, doctors, archpriests and jurists.
They owned the castle of Rezzonico , still existent.

De Peverelli Family

They appear in Chiavenna in 1167with Scarido, whose son Piper, also known as Peverello, was several times city councilman between 1189 and 1195 and mayor in 1219.

The family use to own the Peverello castle over Mese, then distroied by the Grigioni. They were made Noble of the S.R.I. by the emperor Ferdinando the II, and Giacomo, Gerolamo's son, bought the feud of Villanova degli Ardenghi in Lomellina on wiìhich, in 1669, was putted the title of marquis. The Peverelli were know also in Swiss Ticino since the XII century.
Ferrari Family

This are the Ferrari di Sorico, that appears in documents since 1250.

Justoni Family
Noble family of Gravedona, well known since 1400, whose member Donato was active as notary public from 1468 to 1525
Magni Family

The coat of arms is attributed to the Magni of Lurago whose members were know as noble, dominus and decurions between 1497 and 1575.

Malacrida Family

Tha Malacrida Family is originally from Dongo, were since 1228 appears an Assalido son of Lanzone.
From Dongo they moved to Gravedona and Musso, were in 1335 Giacomo owned the castle, and to Chiavenna and Valtellina.
They were very important in Morbegno where they built a fantastic palace still existent
Between 1427 and 1544 twelve members of the family were decorated with the title of decurions of Como .
They had the feud of Musso where erected the Castle called “the stone”.
They were podestà di Traina and marquis of Musso, but sold the title in 1617.

Monti Family

This surname is very common in Italy . The thesis is that originally tha family was coming from the alps. This is the coat of arms of the noble family Monti from La Spezia

Orsini Family

This is a Branch of the historical family Ronchi di Sondrio, “Nobles ab immemorabili”, whose complete genealogy goes back to the second half of the XIII century. They got related to the most important family of that period and divided in several branches.
The principal one gave to the Sondrio community notaries and senior members.
Ser Andrea de Ronchi originated the branch of de Zanono and from them, at the end of 1500, the Orsini started, taking their surname from the name of a woman of the family.
Also the Orsini dived into different branches: one ended in the Crosta family from Morbegno, the other originates from ser Giuseppe in Sondrio in 1703.
From this branch came Prof Giustino Renato, very famous historical and literary man, and following his last wishes and the Retical noble right, his grand child Niccolò, son of his daughter Fiammetta, has put the last name Orsini before his father one de Marzo, in order to continue the noble family name that would have ended for female descent.

Pergoli Campanelli Family

Family originally from Cingoli and whose aristocracy and nobility is well known since the VIII century. Nobles of Cingoli and Counts thay have in their genealogical tree several men of letters and a Saint, and also men of army and doctors.
The family still exists.

Rumi Family

The “ de Rumo” appear in Dongo with Ser Rumo in 1217
Some of them were notaries while in the XIV and XV century they were called Capitanei de Rumo.
The Rumi family still exists.

Vertemati Family

Family unit known in OPiuro since 1253, when the brothers Giovanni and Lanfranco bought a Vineyard. In 1356 the main branch of the family was represented by three brothers: Baldassarre, Lanfranco and Giovanni, and from the first one originated families that gave to the community several notaries, consuls, soldiers, merchants and administrators. The descendants of Lanfranco added to the first surname the second one Franchi and built the magnificent palace De Vertemati Franchi still admirable in Prosto di Piuro.

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